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Best Anti Aging Products On The Market

Everyone is in a quest to retain their youth but what exactly are the best anti aging products on the market today? It really is confusing and hard to decipher what works and what doesn't from all the anti aging products that are available which ones are actually the best.

You can control your longevity with how you live your life. Environmental factors affect the length of life as do things we do or don't do in our lifetime such as smoking, exercising and eating right. Of course genetics play a part in the length of your life span but there are things you can do and products you can buy that are geared toward anti aging.

This article will offer some insight into the best anti aging products on the market so that you can stall the aging process and hopefully reverse any damage it has already done.



Best Anti Aging Products To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

Wrinkles are caused by the reduction of moisture in the skin so


just about any moisturizer, regardless of ingredients, will improve the skin's appearance at least temporarily.

When applied. topically, the best anti-aging ingredient proven to have lasting effect is retinol. People who use retinol report a significant change in the appearance of brown spots and wrinkles.


Best Anti Aging Products: Important Vitamin Supplements For Anti Aging

Healthy doses of vitamins are an important supplement for anti aging. Here are some of the important vitamin supplement you should add to your daily diet:

  • Vitamin D is one of the best anti aging supplements because
    it promotes absorption of calcium for bone health. It also boost your immune function and protects against some forms of cancer. Fifteen minutes out in the sun a day will provide you with enough Vitamin D but the best way to do it is to use 
  • Calcium insures that your bones retain strength as you age. It prevents osteoporosis.
  • Magnesium helps reduce stress levels in your life and controls high blood pressure.
  • Take a multivitamin daily to insure that you get the important vitamins daily. It is not always easy to eat perfectly and the multivitamin will help you balance your diet.

Best Anti Aging Products - Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHA's are are a natural substance for aging skin. AHA's occur naturally in several foods and include citric

acid in citrus fruits, malic acid found in apples, tartaric acid from grapes, lactic acid from milk and glycolic acid from sugar cane. Alpha Hydroxy Acids smooths fine lines and surface wrinkles, improves skin texture and tone, unblocks and cleanses pores, improves oily skin or acne, and improves the overall condition of the skin.

When applied to the skin, AHA's supplement the skin's natural exfoliation process by loosening and removing the outer layer of dead skin cells. This process reveals the newer and smoother skin cells underneath and rejuvenates the skin by improving circulation and stimulating new cell growth. This results in a fresher, healthier complexion and reduced pore size. Another benefit is that exfoliation helps other skin care products such as moisturizers penetrate the skin and allows it to be much more effective.


Best Anti Aging Products - Human Growth Hormone

HGH or Human Growth Hormone treatments have been reported to reduce body fat, increased muscle tone, enhance sexual performance, elevate mood

and firm skin but what is Human Growth Hormone? HGH is produced by the pituitary gland and is responsible for many effects on growth, development, immunity and metabolism throughout your body. Because it promotes cell regeneration it is responsible for the growth of bones, muscles and other connective tissues. It will make your body stronger and give you back the health of your youth. Regarding the skin, HDH restores the elasticity so you have younger looking skin.

Best Anti Aging Products: Dead Sea Salts

Dead Sea salts are obtained from the Dead Sea and offer the highest levels of natural salt of any body of water. When the salt from the sea is

collected, the anti aging properties are thought to be almost heavenly.

The salts of the Dead Salt renew and revitalize the skin allowing all to reclaim that healthful, younger skin look and feel. They work because they have so much concentrated minerals. When used to exfoliate the skin it is renewed.


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